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White boy summer is dope.

I'm gonna nitpick for a second here, though

"The Fourth of July is not about eating hot dogs and blowing stuff up. It’s about Americans celebrating when their ancestors declared our independence from England."

Consider the lines from the national anthem: "rockets red glare, bombs bursting in air"

I don't think it's a stretch to say that fireworks are a symbolic representation of our battle for independence. Or maybe I just love fireworks.

Anyways, as someone blessed enough to live near the atlantic ocean, I'm looking forward to clam boils and barbecues. Time spent with friends and many occassions to wear flip flops or boat shoes.

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I wish you all a good WBS

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Chet Hanks is just such a wigger that I can’t get into WBS. Remember in the original video he says “I’m not talking trump, nascar white boys, I’m talking me and [some wigger rapper] white boys” and how the spirit of WBS is fucking black girls (you should probably be tested for mental illness if you have a penchant for the chocolate ladies TBH).

The sort of stuff that actual normal white boys like doing in the summer — fishing, swimming in lakes, golf with beers, this is the opposite of what the mission of WBS was to its creator. To him, being a white boy was all about being the token white guy among urban minorities

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“However, the cultural phenomenon has surpassed that of its inspirer. It’s developed an aesthetic and style completely at odds with what Chet Hanks had in mind. Nobody talks about him anymore, and few if any men celebrating White Boy Summer quote, or even know, the titular song he wrote.”

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